The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) Collection features books and films that foster dialogue around diversity, inclusion, and belonging at HKS while representing the many identities and backgrounds in our vibrant HKS community. The DIB Collection highlights the direct experiences of those who have faced systemic marginalization, focusing on novels, poetry, literary nonfiction, memoirs, and essays.

The DIB Collection is driven by the HKS community. We extend particular gratitude to our key partners in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (ODIB) and the Institutional Antiracism and Accountability (IARA) Project.

Featured Collection Items

Cover of Afterparties

A vibrant story collection about Cambodian-American life -- immersive and comic, yet unsparing -- that offers profound insight into the intimacy of queer and immigrant communities. Seamlessly transitioning between the absurd and the tenderhearted, balancing acerbic humor with sharp emotional depth, Afterparties offers an expansive portrait of the lives of Cambodian-Americans.

Cover of Caste Matters

In this explosive book, Suraj Yengde, a first-generation Dalit scholar educated across continents, challenges deep-seated beliefs about caste and unpacks its many layers. At once a reflection on inequality and a call to arms, Caste Matters argues that until Dalits lay claim to power and Brahmins join hands against Brahminism to effect real transformation, caste will continue to matter.

Cover of Your House Will Pay

In the wake of the police shooting of a Black teenager, Los Angeles is as tense as its been since the unrest of the early 1990s. Grace Park and Shawn Matthews have their own problems, but when another shocking crime hits LA, both the Park and Matthews families are forced to face down their history while navigating the tumult of a city on the brink of more violence.

Cover of Kitchen Curse

Hailed as a Southeast Asian Gabriel Garcia Marquez for the exuberant beauty of his prose and the darkly comic surrealism of his stories, Eka Kurniawan is the first Indonesian writer to be nominated for a Man Booker Prize. Here is his first collection of short stories--Indonesian literatures characteristic form--to be translated into English.

Cover of Sweet Bean Paste

Sentaro has failed. He has a criminal record, drinks too much, and his dream of becoming a writer is just a distant memory. With only the blossoming of the cherry trees to mark the passing of time, he spends his days in a tiny confectionery shop selling dorayaki, a type of pancake filled with sweet bean paste. But everything is about to change.

Cover of What We Are

The twenty-eight-year-old mixed-race son of a Samoan immigrant, Paul Tusifale is desperate to find his place in an American culture that barely acknowledges his existence. What We Are brings to life the pull of a departed father’s homeland, the anger of class divisions, the noise of the evening news, and the pathos of the disengaged.

New Collection Items

Cover of Far from the Rooftop of the World

In 2008, the Chinese government cracked down on protests throughout Tibet, and journalist Amy Yee found herself covering a press conference with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, his exile home in India. She never imagined a personal encounter with the spiritual leader would spark a global, fourteen-year journey to spotlight the stories of Tibetans in exile. Weaving a sweeping travel narrative with intimate on-the-ground reportage, Far from the Rooftop of the World tells their stories and others against the backdrop of milestones and events in Tibets recent history.

Cover of A Day in the Life of Abed Salama

Five-year-old Milad Salama is excited for the school trip to a theme park on the outskirts of Jerusalem. On the way, his bus collides with a semitrailer in a horrific accident. His father, Abed, gets word of the crash and rushes to the site. The scene is chaos - the children have been taken to different hospitals in Jerusalem and the West Bank; some are missing, others cannot be identified. Abed sets off on an odyssey to learn Milads fate. It is every parents worst nightmare, but for Abed it is compounded by the maze of physical, emotional, and bureaucratic obstacles he must navigate because he is Palestinian.

Cover of Homegoing

Two half sisters, Effia and Esi, unknown to each other, are born into two different tribal villages in 18th-century Ghana. Effia will be married off to an English colonial, and will live in comfort in the sprawling, palatial rooms of Cape Coast Castle, raising half-caste children who will be sent abroad to be educated in England before returning to the Gold Coast to serve as administrators of the Empire. Her sister, Esi, will be imprisoned beneath Effia in the Castles womens dungeon, and then shipped off on a boat bound for America, where she will be sold into slavery.

Cover of The Body keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

An expert on traumatic stress outlines an approach to healing, explaining how traumatic stress affects brain processes and how to use innovative treatments to reactivate the minds abilities to trust, engage others, and experience pleasure.

Cover of Miracles Happen: One Mother, One Daughter, One Journey

Written in alternating chapters, a mother and daughter describe the accident that nearly killed the daughter and left her paralyzed, and their determination to allow her to live life to the fullest despite her physical limitations. Brooke Ellison was an alumna of Harvard Kennedy School.

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