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Cover of Healing Justice Lineages: Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care, and Safety
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Cara Page, Erica Woodland
“In this anthology, Black Queer Feminist editors Cara Page and Erica Woodland guide readers through the history, legacies, and liberatory practices of healing justice—a political…
Cover of Burning My Roti: Breaking Barriers as a Queer Indian Woman
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Sharan Dhaliwal
“Part memoir, part guide, Burning My Roti is essential reading for a new generation of South Asian women. With chapters covering sexual and cultural identity, body hair, colourism…
Cover of In the Margins: A Transgender Man's Journey with Scripture
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Shannon T.L. Kearns
“Through scriptural reflection and personal stories about gender identity, an ordained priest moves the conversation beyond transgender inclusion to demonstrate the unique and…
Cover of No More Neckties: A Memoir in Essays
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Loren A. Olson
“Growing up, Loren Olson was always a good boy. Now he’s sick of it. Olson always did what was expected. To fit in, he partitioned off parts of himself that he believed were…
Cover of Side Affects: On Being Trans and Feeling Bad
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Hil Malatino
“In Side Affects, Malatino opens a new conversation about trans experience that acknowledges the reality of feeling fatigue, envy, burnout, numbness, and rage amid the ongoing…
Cover of To Remain Myself: The History of Onghokham
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David Reeve
“This is a particularly vivid biography of a remarkable individual, an Indonesian historian and public intellectual who was both a public figure and a multi-minority member, being…
Cover of When I Was Red Clay: A Journey of Identity, Healing, and Wonder
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Jonathan T. Bailey
“This intimate record lays bare one person’s experience growing up in a rural Mormon community and struggling to reconcile his sexual orientation with the religious doctrine of…
Cover of Detransition, Baby
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Torrey Peters
“Reese almost had it all: a loving relationship with Amy, an apartment in New York City, a job she didn’t hate. She had scraped together what previous generations of trans women…
Cover of Afterparties: Stories
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Anthony Veasna So
“A vibrant story collection about Cambodian-American life - immersive and comic, yet unsparing - that offers profound insight into the intimacy of queer and immigrant communities…
Cover of Antiman: A Hybrid Memoir
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Rajiv Mohabir
“Winner of the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing, Rajiv Mohabir’s Antiman is an impassioned, genre-blending memoir that navigates the fraught constellations of race,…