• Tommy Pico
Cover of Feed

Feed is the fourth book in the Teebs tetralogy. Its an epistolary recipe for the main character, a poem of nourishment, and a jaunty walk through New Yorks High Line park, with the lines, stanzas, paragraphs, dialogue, and registers approximating the parks cultivated gardens of wildness. Among its questions, Feed asks whats the difference between being alone and being lonely? Can you ever really be friends with an ex? How do you make perfect mac & cheese? Feed is an ode of reconciliation to the wild inconsistencies of a northeast spring, a frustrating season of back-and-forth, of thaw and blizzard, but with a faith that even amidst the mess, it knows where it's going. --Publisher description.


Pico, Tommy. Feed. Portland, OR: Tin House Books, 2019.