• Javier Zamora
Cover of Solito: A Memoir

When Javier Zamora was nine, he traveled unaccompanied by bus, boat, and foot from El Salvador to the United States to reunite with his parents. This is his memoir of that dangerous journey, a nine-week odyssey that nearly ended in calamity on multiple occasions. Its a miracle that Javier survived the crossing, and a miracle that he has the talent to now tell his story so masterfully. While Solito is Javiers story, its also the story of millions of others who have risked so much to come to this country. A memoir that reads like a novel, rooted in precise and authentic detail, this story is destined to be a classic of the immigration experience. --Provided by publisher.


Zamora, Javier. Solito: A Memoir. London: Hogarth, 2022.