• Imraan Coovadia
Cover of Tales of the Metric System

In Tales of the Metric System, Coovadia explores a turbulent South Africa from 1970 into the present. He takes his home countrys transition from imperial to metric measurements as his catalyst, holding South Africa up and examining it from the diverse perspectives of his many characters. An elite white housewife married to a radical intellectual; a rock guitarist; the same guitarists granddaughter thirty years later; a teenage boy at the mercy of mob justice--each story takes place over one of ten days across the decades, and each protagonist has his own stakes, her own moment in time, but each is equally caught in the eddies of change. Tales of the Metric System is clear eyed, harrowing, and daring. --Publisher description.


Coovadia, Imraan. Tales of the Metric System. Ohio University Press, 2016.