• Anuradha Kristina Bhagwati
Cover of Unbecoming: A Memoir

A raw, unflinching, and inspirational memoir by a former United States Marine Captain describing her journey from dutiful daughter of immigrants to wide-eyed recruit to radical activist dedicated to effecting historic policy reform in the military. After a lifetime of buckling to the demands of her strict Indian parents, Anuradha Bhagwati abandons her grad school career at Harvard University to join the Marines. Its the fiercest, most violent, most masculine branch of the military: the perfect place for her to prove that shes the ultimate Cool Girl, someone who can brawl with the boys in every sense of the word. Or at least thats what she thinks. From the moment training begins, Anuradhas G.I. Jane fantasy is punctured. As a bisexual woman of color in the military, she faces adversity and underestimation at every stage, confronting misogyny, racism, abuse, and astonishing injustice perpetrated by those in power. Pushing herself beyond her limits to prove her ability, she is forced to wrestle with what exactly drove her to pursue such punishment and violence in the first place. Once her service concludes in 2004, instead of retreating and putting it all behind her, she decides to do the exact opposite: take to task the leaders and outmoded conventions that she found so objectionable and even dangerous. Full of strength, courage, and heroic resilience, Unbecoming is about one woman who learned to believe in herself in spite of everything; it is the kind of story that will light a fire beneath you, and that will inspire our next generation of fierce female heroes to always persist.--Provided by publisher.


Bhagwati, Anuradha Kristina. Unbecoming: A Memoir. New York: Atria Books, 2019.