CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT(CID) faculty members and fellows are conducting research projects in 116 countries. Here are just a few examples. CID’s Beyond COVID project team is proposing collaborations across the world to address the health, economic, and social impacts of COVID-19.

Metroverse is a data visualization tool created by CID’s Growth Lab that provides economic data for more than 1,000 cities in 79 countries. It complements the Growth Lab’s flagship data visualization tool, the Atlas of Economic Complexity, which provides economic information for countries all over the world. Both tools offer growth and diversification paths for the future. They are part of the Growth Lab’s new Viz Hub portfolio of visualization tools, interactive stories, and supporting software.


Students with masks at the Queen of the Rosery School in Bo City.

Sierra Leone

Lecturer in Public Policy Zoe Marks worked with the Ministry of Education in Sierra Leone to develop a COVID-19 recovery plan, including support for reopening schools and strengthening secondary enrollment and retention.


Classroom of students with professor teaching on development policy strategy.

Ethiopia, Albania, Peru

Growth Lab research has included modeling pandemic-related trade-offs, mapping the network of global business travel, identifying foreign exchange constraints in Ethiopia, tracking the migration of the Albanian diaspora, and uncovering environmentally friendly diversification opportunities in Peru.


Adult helping a child with online tutoring support during COVID-19 in Italy.


Michela Carlana, an assistant professor of public policy, launched an online tutoring program to mitigate the effects of school closures on disadvantaged middle school students across Italy.


Local villagers seen selecting the good coffee beans to be roasted.


Assistant Professor of Public Policy Jie Bai and colleagues are studying ways to improve Uganda’s coffee industry.


Group photo of students with Professor Ricardo Hausmann.


The Growth Lab also worked with the government of Namibia as it explored new sources of macroeconomic growth and strategies for fiscal sustainability.


Teacher working with a student on their homework in Brazil.


Building State Capability (BSC) worked with the states of Maranhão and Paraíba in Brazil to improve the delivery of public education.—


A woman checks her name on the voters' register at the start of the Osun state governorship election in Ifofin village in Ilesa, southwest Nigeria.


Zoe Marks is working with a team in Nigeria to understand the process of reintegrating people formerly involved with Boko Haram into civilian life.


Asim Khwaja seated in a circle of men and women outside in Pakistan.


Asim Khwaja, CID director and the Sumitomo–Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development Professor of International Finance and Development, coleads the Learning and Educational Achievements in Pakistan Schools (LEAPS) initiative to improve education in Pakistan.


Matt Andrews speaking to students on HKS campus.


Edward S. Mason Senior Lecturer in International Development Matt Andrews, the director of CID’s Building State Capability program, worked with the government of Croatia to improve digital health and governance reforms.


A medical worker speaks to a patient about COVID-19 testing in Bandung, Indonesia


Rema Hanna, Jeffrey Cheah Professor of South-East Asia Studies and director of CID’s Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) program, worked with the government of Indonesia to launch a rapid online survey to monitor and respond accordingly to the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic.


Employees work on a production line inside a Dongfeng Honda factory after lockdown measures in Wuhan.


Jie Bai and colleagues have been studying U.S.-China trade issues involving the auto industry in China.


Teddy Svoronos at-home remote training setup.


Teddy Svoronos, a lecturer in public policy, is leading a training program for policymakers in India.


people standing around a tableGhana

Assistant Professor of Public Policy Anders Jensen is working with local governments in Ghana to determine how to increase property tax revenues.


Employees collect protective face masks from the production line at a factory in Morocco.


EPoD and MIT colleagues are working with collaborators in Morocco to provide training in capacity building as part of the Morocco Employment Lab.


Images from top: Sierra Leone Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education; Growth Lab, CID; Shutterstock; Geovien So/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Image; Growth Lab/CID; BSC/CID; Akintunde Akinleye; LEAPS/CID; Martha Stewart; Agvi Firdaus/Shutterstock; Aly Song/REUTERS; EPoD/CID; Sarah Hoibak, Courtesy of Photoshare; Youssef Boudlal/REUTERS.

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