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The impact of uniting faculty climate experts from so many areas across Harvard was significant, and a highlight was the panel discussion featuring Aldy, Long, Allen and Jenks, moderated by Tufano. They tackled questions including what climate options they see and how we can present a clear narrative about the positive impacts of these possible levers.

Reducing methane emissions can buy the world crucial time to avoid catastrophic global warming. A Harvard team is helping provide policymakers with the tools to help policymakers do just that.

What is the ratchet mechanism?

Energy and economic development Professor Robert Stavins explains how the United Nations is working globally to make emission reductions continually more ambitious.

Why the answer to water insecurity is working together

Drawing on the findings of a report on the 2030 Water Resources Group published by the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Jane Nelson and Elsa Galarza Contreras explain why the answer to water insecurity is working together.

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