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Bill Clark, Harvey Brooks Professor of International Science, has played an important role in making sustainability a core principle for individuals, organizations, and governments. Here's a look at his 45-year career. 

Professor of Public Policy David Keith, who works at the intersection of policy and climate science, says cooling the planet as we continue to reduce emissions is increasingly becoming a matter of ethics as well as science. Keith is also the Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard SEAS.

What is the ratchet mechanism?

Energy and economic development Professor Robert Stavins explains how the United Nations is working globally to make emission reductions continually more ambitious.

Why the answer to water insecurity is working together

Drawing on the findings of a report on the 2030 Water Resources Group published by the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Jane Nelson and Elsa Galarza Contreras explain why the answer to water insecurity is working together.

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