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Earth Day co-founder reflects on the day, 50 years later

Denis Hayes was a student at Harvard Kennedy School in 1969 but dropped out after a semester to become a principal organizer of a nationwide rally on April 22, 1970, an event they would call Earth Day. That one-day gathering to raise awareness of threats to the environment, held in hundreds of cities and towns across the country, attracted a reported 20 million people.

New Harvard climate action plan sets ambitious agenda to meet fossil fuel-free goals

Professor Bill Clark outlines the scope of the challenge of ‘shifting the world’s foundations for energy choices in a more sustainable, life-friendly direction.’ In and Q-and-A with the Harvard Gazette, Clark argues that the goals are ‘feasible technologically, economically, and politically.’

Why the answer to water insecurity is working together

Drawing on the findings of a report on the 2030 Water Resources Group published by the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Jane Nelson and Elsa Galarza Contreras explain why the answer to water insecurity is working together.

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