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Those with disabilities have a right to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

HKS Fellow Ariella Z. Barker writes about the impact the COVID-19 on disabled populations. Medical rationing measures during public health emergencies could have tragic consequences for these groups.

Averil Spencer MPA 2017 built a successful program—VOICE 4 Girls—where girls come from across the state to learn the curriculum, returning after two weeks to their schools to impart the skills they’ve learned to their peers.

What Works: Gender Equality By Design

Reshma Saujani MPP 1999 was dismayed by the scarcity of girls in computer science classrooms. So she founded Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that has already helped teach 40,000 girls how to code.

Sex and science: How professor gender perpetuates the gender gap

Over the past 40 years, women have made significant advancements in narrowing the gender gap across a number of prestigious careers that were formerly dominated by men. But women are still 37 percent less likely than men to graduate with degrees in science or engineering and only account for 25 percent of the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce.

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