NAFTA negotiations have been held in the context of President Donald Trump’s protective trade policies, which have also included withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, imposition of tariffs on trade and steel, renegotiation of a trade pact with South Korea, and what many fear are the opening salvos in a trade war with China. In a Q&A, Robert Lawrence, discusses the road ahead for the agreement. 

Dark matter of trade really matters

Ricardo Hausmann argues that the international value of a country's technology is playing a large, if not completely understood, role in its gross national product, and that trade policy is not the answer to trade deficits.

What does a true populism look like?

Professor Dani Rodrik argues in the New York Times that the current populist backlash to globalization is similar to earlier versions in American history when lesser-skilled workers experienced salary stagnation and saw their social status decline.