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Professor of Public Policy Marcella Alsan draws on her background in medicine and policy to provide lessons for a way out of the pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of accessible health care, messaging that takes into account the concerns of a diverse array of people, and the delicate balance between data and privacy.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has spread rapidly across the world, and crisis-level public health challenges are requiring leaders to consider unprecedented measures. What should the public sector do to address this crisis? We asked experts at Harvard Kennedy School to identify public problems and public solutions.

The pandemic a year later: What went wrong and what’s ahead

In a far-reaching project measuring American attitudes and behavior during the pandemic, researchers from Harvard and three other universities have polled people in all 50 states  for nearly a year, reporting each week not just on evolving views toward the virus but on how the tumultuous political events helped shape the public response.

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