Seeking justice

Bryan Stevenson MPP/JD 1985 worked for decades to bring justice via the courtroom. With the opening of the nation’s first museum dedicated to the legacy of slavery and the victims of lynching, he is aiming to shift the country’s narrative on race and justice.

Abdi Ismail Isse MC/MPA 2017 has spent his career in war-torn areas, providing essential services to those traumatized by conflict. His time at Harvard Kennedy School helped him build conflict resolution skills to work toward peace.

The sexual exploitation of child migrants

A report co-authored by Jacqueline Bhabha describes the child sexual abuse and exploitation among migrants who are stalled in Greece. The crowded, makeshift holding camps, unstaffed at night and with inadequate lighting are easy targets for lone men and those associated with criminal gangs to prey on children left unattended.