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In companion articles, HKS Professors David Keith and Joseph Aldy say deeper social science research could contribute to policy decisions on this tool to address global warming.

Making commercial large-scale carbon capture possible—at the right price

In a new journal article, Professor David Keith and his team outline the material and engineering costs of a carbon capture system—the first time the costs of a commercial direct-air-capture process have been published.

Throughout Sheila Jasanoff''s career, she has grappled with some of the most important questions at the intersection of science and culture. In this episode of Behind the Book, Professor Jasanoff discusses her latest book "Can Science Make Sense of Life," which illuminates some of her ideas and research on how scientific pursuits can be democratized and placed in a more public context.

Program on Science, Technology and Society confronts critical challenges
Data-Smart City Solutions: An Initiative at the Ash Center

Computer science has a girl problem and Reshma Saujani MPP 1999 is fixing it

Concerned by the scarcity of girls in computer science classrooms, Saujani launched Girls Who Code. Already, the organization has helped 40,000 girls learn how to code.

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