Diana Acosta Navas Photo
Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
Assistant: Karen McCabe

Diana Acosta-Navas is an adjunct lecturer in ethics and public policy at HKS. Her work focuses on issues in practical and applied ethics, particularly the areas of political philosophy, feminism, and transitional justice. Currently, Acosta-Navas’s research is dedicated to understanding the role that institutions play in empowering the speech of marginalized individuals, as well as identifying the design features that promote such ends. With a special focus on the Colombian Peace Accord, she studies how institutions of transitional justice can uphold the rights and dignity of the victims of a protracted armed conflict. Acosta-Navas has also conducted research on affirmative consent standards in the context of campus sexual assault legislation and on the meaning and scope of the right to freedom of speech, both in the context of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and in international contexts. 


Phone: 617-498-1572
Assistant: Karen McCabe

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Harvard Kennedy School
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