Rise of China

#2133.0 - July 2018

Case Authors: Anjani Datla and Arne Westad

Faculty Lead: Arne Westad


There is little doubt that China will be a significant power in the 21st century. The question is what kind of global actor will it be? This two-part case (presented in a single document) takes a comprehensive look at China's extraordinary rise in economic, military and diplomatic terms, and provides historical perspective on China's relationships with neighboring countries as well as the United States.

Part B of the case immerses students in one of the most important geopolitical tests China faces today--its conflicts in the South China Sea--and includes commentary from experts on China's seemingly contradictory goals in the region.

Learning Objective

This two-part case (presented in one document) is designed to help students:

Analyze and understand how China became a regional and global power - economically, diplomatically, and militarily.

Examine contemporary Chinese leaders' conceptions of China's national purpose and consider how these conceptions shape or influence China's role in its region and in the world.

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