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Advanced Macroeconomics for the Open Economy I   
API-120 for MPA/ID students   Canvas site
Syllabus, Fall 2016:  WP or PDF.   
Syllabus Fall 2015 or PDFCanvas site.

Lecture slides --
Macro Review  Aug. 19-20, 2016:   Powerpoint or PDF.

Course lectures:
Ppt:   L0  (I) TB L1 L2. (II) M-F L3 L4 L5.  (III) AS L6 L7 L8 L9.   PRC L10+16  PPP  L11 L12.  SOEs L14-15 NRC L17-18.
PDF:  L0           L1  L2               L3 L4  L5.            L6 L7  L8 L9.          L10+16           L11 L12.           L14-15         L17-18.

Macro Review  Aug. 20-21:   Powerpoint or PDF
Course lectures:
(I) L0 L1 L2. (II) L3 L4 L5. (III) L6 L7 L8 L9.  L10 & 16: China Appendices (IV) L11 L12 . (V) L14, 15 & 17.  (VI) L18 & 19. (VII) L20-22  (VIII) L23 L24 L25
  L0 L1 L2.       L3 L4 L5.       L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 & 16: China Appendices.         L11 L12.        L14, 15 & 17.          L18 & 19.         L20-22          L23 L24L25.

2014   2013   

Extra lectures
Fall 2014: 

     Ppt:   NRC Oct.14.   Fiscal Dec.1.
     PDFNRC.             Fiscal Dec.1,

Fall 2013:  US fiscal; Euro crisis,      API-119 L8, Feb16, 2012     

Advanced Macroeconomics for the Open Economy II 
API-119 for MPA/ID students, co-taught with Filipe Campante.   Syllabus Spring 2016: Word, PDF.   Canvas site.
Lecture slides for spring 2016
Lecture 1  L2  L3   L4-5.  
L1              L2  L3   L4-5.

  JF profile (Feb. 2007) in KSG Citizen.  Link to the Kennedy School's MPA in
International Development degree program

Economics of International Financial Policy
Spring 2016:  Syllabus & PDF version.         Canvas site.
Jan. 2016 - Shopping Day slides or PDF.

Lecture slides for spring 2016:
Ppt:  Lectures 1-3
Keynesian: L4, L5, L6Instruments: L7-9. Integration: L10; L11, L12Mundell-Fleming: L13-16L17. EM crises: L18. Interdependence: L19  AS L20 L21. Ex.rate models L22-23.  Risk L24, L25. China L26.
PDF:  L 1-3 .                        L4, L5, L6;               L7-9.              L10L11, L12.                    L13-16;   L17.             L18.                   L19       L20  L21                  L22-23        L24, L25.       L26.

35 yrs. of $ cartoons & RMB.




HKS programs in 2016-   Sept. CBLI: Global Slowdown.   Oct. Bosch:  1. Economic Paradigms 2. Applications
HKS Executive Programs in 2012-2014: 
Senior Executive Fellows:
Feb., Apr, Oct.2013.  Feb. & Apr.2014.    
China Leaders in Developnt;       Cutting
Edge of Developmt Think;      Leading Ec.Growth.

 Course on Monetary Policy & Commodities, Study Center Gerzensee, Swiss National Bank, June 2014: Commodity Prices; NR Curse; Currency Policy.

 IGLP, Harvard Law School, 2012: 1.Monetary & 2.fiscal policy (appendix); 3.euro crisis.

           Oil Ec. lecture slides, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy 2010, Baku:  1.Oil Prices.  2. Resource Curse.  3.Recommendations. 4.Democracy.     

Growth, Globalization, the Gulf, chaired by J.Frankel.  Outline. Exec.Prog., Dubai School Govt, 2007.   Gulf Macro lecture.   


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