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working papers

Liquidity Risk in Sequential Trading Networks (with Shachar Kariv and C. Matthew Leister)
If Many Seek, Ye Shall Find: Search Externalities and New Goods (with Richard J. Zeckhauser)
Multi-period Matching (with Sangram V. Kadam)
Time Horizons, Lattice Structures, and Welfare in Multi-period Matching Markets (with Sangram V. Kadam)
A Note on Stability in One-to-One, Multi-period Matching Markets
On Asymmetric Reserve Prices
First-Price Auctions with Budget Constraints
Signaling with Audits: Mimicry, Wasteful Expenditures, and Non-Compliance in a Model of Tax Enforcement (with David A. Weisbach and Richard J. Zeckhauser)
Trading Networks and Equilibrium Intermediation (with C. Matthew Leister)

published / forthcoming papers

Bribing in First-Price Auctions: Corrigendum (with Shiran Rachmilevitch)
Rules and Standards when Compliance Costs are Private Information (with David A. Weisbach and Richard J. Zeckhauser)
The War of Attrition and the Revelation of Valuable Information (with Fei Li)
Audits as Signals (with David A. Weisbach and Richard J. Zeckhauser)
On the Continuous Equilibria of Affiliated-Value, All-Pay Auctions with Private Budget Constraints (with Fei Li)
Auction Choice for Ambiguity-Averse Sellers Facing Strategic Uncertainty: Comment

other documents / professional matters

In compliance with conflict of interest policies at Harvard Kennedy School, here [ pdf ] you can find a statement outlining my outside professional activities and potential conflicts of interest.