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Catalyzing Research and Policy Change

Climate change has emerged as one of the biggest threats facing the world.  From Pakistan to Puerto Rico, extreme floods, droughts, heat, and other human-induced climate events have become commonplace. The world’s most vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected, pushing humans in some cases beyond their ability to adapt. Natural disasters, coupled with acute food insecurity and reduced water security, further threaten the sustainable development agenda and risk pushing millions more into poverty. We must urgently consider new pathways to combat climate change, particularly from the perspectives of developing economies who are on the frontlines of a warming planet.

New for GEM23, Harvard’s Center for International Development is launching a Climate Incubation Fund, in partnership with Harvard Radcliffe Institute. This fund will catalyze new collaborations between researchers and practitioners by providing seed funding and exploratory seminar and accelerator workshop programs to successful applicants.


Faculty Research on Climate

Join our call to action by becoming a climate champion. Commit to the Climate Incubation Fund that will launch at the Global Empowerment Meeting in May 2023.

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