Recipients of 2023 GEM Incubation Fund Announced

CID, in collaboration with Harvard Radcliffe Institute and the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute, announce the recipients of the 2023 GEM Incubation Fund, advancing innovative climate change research for developing economies on the frontlines of the crisis.

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GEM Incubation Fund: Catalyzing Research and Policy Change

Launched for the first time at GEM23: Growing in a Green World, the GEM Incubation Fund, a collaboration between CID and the Harvard Radcliffe Institute (HRI), supports emerging research that strives to find solutions to the pressing development challenges of our time. Each year, the fund will support research proposals relevant to the changing key theme highlighted at CID’s annual Global Empowerment Meeting (GEM) that show clear potential to advance knowledge and generate innovations in practice with direct impact in developing economies. Currently, the fund includes these programs:

  • CID Seed Funding: To support research projects ready to begin work immediately, with demonstrated buy-in from relevant researchers and practitioners. Co-sponsored by the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute at Harvard University, this program will support new gender and development research. Details are included below.
  • HRI Research Programming: To support the development of ambitious, multi-stakeholder collaborations from bold idea to fundable and implementable project through intensive research opportunities at Harvard Radcliffe Institute, modeled on HRI’s successful Exploratory Seminar and Accelerator Workshop programs. Read more information on these models at the Radcliffe website.

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