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The faculty members listed below have a strong interest in the activities of the Political Economy and Government program. In most cases they are advising current students. With the chairman of the PhD program, Torben Iversen, they form an executive committee that oversees the current structure of the doctoral program, and recommends change as the program grows. Note that other faculty at Harvard Kennedy School, the Economics Department, and the Government Department at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences also advise students in this program.

Standing Committee in Political Economy and Government

Christopher N. Avery Joseph P. Newhouse
Daniel Carpenter John Mark Ramseyer
Raj Chetty James Robinson
Suzanne J. Cooper Dani Rodrik
Jeffry Frieden Kenneth A. Shepsle
Edward L. Glaeser Beth Simmons
Elhanan Helpman James Snyder
Michael J. Hiscox Robert N. Stavins
William W. Hogan Dustin Tingley
Torben Iversen(Chair) Richard J. Zeckhauser
Sendhill Mullainathan  

Associated Faculty

Philippe Aghion
Robert J. Barro
Drew Fudenberg
Oliver S. Hart
Lawrence F. Katz
Michael Robert Kremer
Andrei Shleifer





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