Course Schedule Change Updates

Please note the following changes for Spring 2016:

Course Faculty Move
API-102A Haas-Wilson, Deborah Moves to L130 from 1 Brattle 401
API-102Z Liebman, Jeffrey Moves to L230 from L280
API-112 Avery, Christopher; Kohlberg, Elon Moves to L140 from LAND
API-202Z Chandra, Amitabh Moves to L280 from LAND
API-210 Abadie, Alberto Moves to LAND from L230
BGP-230M Ruggie, John; Lydenberg, Steven; Nelson, Jane Moves to L130 from L280
DPI-101H Baum, Matthew Moves to BL-1 from LAND
DPI-235 Robichaud, Christopher Moves to LAND from L130
DPI-330B Jarding, Steve Moves to 1 Brattle 401 from L130
IGA-662 Tsoukalis, Lukas Moves to L130 from L382
ITF-220 Frankel, Jeffrey Moves to L280 from Land
MLD-225 Wilkinson, Robert Moves to L230 from L280
MLD-304 Rogers, Todd Moves to Land from L140
MLD-500 Livingston, Robert Moves to LAND from L332
MLD-617M Hartmann, Francis Moves to L130 from L280
PED-115 Campante, Filipe; Yanagizawa-Drott, David Moves to L280 from L382


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