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Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Monday, September 23, 2013

12:00 PM UK Power Market Reforms-Perfect Storm, or Perfect Opportunity?
12:15 PM “Making Democracy in the Patent System: Comparing the Life Form Patent Battles in the US and Europe”
1:10 PM The 5 Secrets of Powerful Public Speakers, a Public Speaking Workshop with Marie Danziger, HKS Lecturer in Public Policy

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9:00 AM National Voter Registration Day - Register to vote in the Forum
12:00 PM David Rohde: "John Kerry's Mission Impossible: Reimagining US Policy in the Middle East."
4:00 PM Impressions of the Accidental Senator: Lessons and Reflections about Our Changing Democracy Discovered During my Unexpected J
4:00 PM Networked Impact
4:00 PM Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper: An Overview of American Entrepreneurship
4:15 PM Why the West Fears Islam: An Exploration of Muslims in Liberal Democracies
6:00 PM The Syrian Tragedy: Ending the Bloodshed

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10:00 AM How Nuclear Weapons Work
12:00 PM First Diversity Committee Meeting
1:10 PM Rules of Writing Email, a Writing and Digital Communications Workshop with Steven Stark, author of "Writing to Win"
3:00 PM Future of Intelligence Seminar: Intell 101
4:00 PM Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Role of Entrepreneurship in U.S. Competitiveness
4:00 PM 269+1: Behind the Scenes of A Presidential Campaign
4:10 PM CANCELLED. Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy
4:30 PM Study Group on Disability Rights & Realities, Session 1
5:30 PM What More Can Non-Profits Learn from Business?
6:00 PM A Public Address by His Excellency Juan Manuel Santos Calderón
7:00 PM The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy
7:00 PM The Metropolitan Revolution: A Conversation with Bruce Katz
8:00 PM Avoiding the Oil Curse: The Case of Norway

Thursday, September 26, 2013

10:30 AM Find It @ Harvard
11:40 AM Progress on gender diversity for corporate boards: Are we running in place?
11:45 AM Lobbying Around the Globe-A Comparison of Regulation, Business & Public Policy
12:15 PM The More Things Change? Nuclear Substitution and Pakistan's Conventional Doctrine
2:30 PM Organizing Your Writing Process, a Writing Workshop with Jerry Lanson, Associate Professor of Journalism, Emerson College, au
3:00 PM Zotero Drop-In Hours
4:00 PM Inside the Victory Lab: Using Data, Experiments and Analytics to Make Campaigns Smarter
4:00 PM Old, White, Straight, Male Voters Ain’t What They Used to Be…: So How do Republicans Reach Everybody Else
4:30 PM Transitional Justice Study Group: "Dealing with Trauma in the Transitions" with Belkys Lopez and Birtukan Deme

Friday, September 27, 2013

11:45 AM Graduate Speaker Seminar: Everybody’s Internet? Mobile Internet and Digital Inclusion in the Developing World
12:00 PM Organize Your Research with Zotero
1:00 PM The good news on climate change
2:00 PM Powerful Storytelling with a Video Camera: Part 1 - Basic Principles, Digital Communications Workshop with Franco Sacchi, doc

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