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Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Monday, February 10, 2014

12:00 PM Environmental and Technology Policy Options in the Electricity Sector: Interactions and Outcomes
12:15 PM Modeling without "Target" Maps: Scientific Cooperation on Atmospheric Pollution in the Cold War
12:15 PM Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House
12:30 PM Leading Above & Beyond: Space and Cyberspace with Certain Uncertainty with General William L. Shelton
4:30 PM Re-rebalancing: America, Europe and the New Silk Road
5:00 PM Intern Fair - Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11:40 AM What is Your One Sentence?, a Public Speaking Workshop with Mimi Goss, President, Mimi Goss Communications, Inc., HKS Exec. E
12:00 PM David Carr: "That Media Model Is So Yesterday: Catching up with the present future we are living through."
12:00 PM Latin America Study Group: 'Then and Now: What's Changed in the Struggle for Human Rights in Central America' with guest pres
2:30 PM Future of Intelligence Seminar: Former MI6 Chief on Intelligence and Good Policy Making
3:00 PM Organize Your Research with Zotero
4:15 PM Emergency Operations at Harvard: An Overview of Systems, Partnerships & Recent Incidents
4:15 PM Why Defense Will Never Work: Defending the network from cyber-attack. Prof. Jim Waldo, HU CIO; Mr. Stephen Boyer, CTO BitSigh
4:15 PM For the Common Defense Seminar

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10:00 AM American Grand Strategy and the Nuclear Revolution
10:10 AM Style and Structure for White Papers, Briefing Books, SYPA's and PAE's, a Writing Workshop with Luci Herman, Lecturer in Writ
12:00 PM Andrea Mitchell: "Media Coverage of Politics and Foreign Policy"
2:40 PM Advocacy Communications: Shaping Arguments to Move Audiences, a Writing Workshop with Luci Herman, Lecturer in Writing and Rh
2:40 PM Benefit-Cost Analysis in a Nuisance Lawsuit: State of North Carolina v. Tennessee Valley Authority
4:00 PM Audre Lorde Human Rights Lecture Series: "Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice Reform Agenda: Expanding Our Discussion to I
4:30 PM Disability Rights & Realities Study Group, Session 1: "How Academics can make a Difference" with HLS Professor Michael Stein.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

11:40 AM Framing for Politics and Policy. A Writing Workshop with Luci Herman, Lecturer in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford Law School.
11:40 AM WAPPP Research Seminar Series with Kathleen McGinn
11:40 AM WAPPP Research Seminar Series with Kathleen McGinn
12:15 PM National Security Decision-Making in Israel
3:00 PM The M-RCBG Spring Student Reception
4:00 PM Crossing the 2014 Climate Divide: Scientists, Skeptics & the Media
4:00 PM Peacekeeping Study Group, Session 1: "Humanitarian actors and peacekeeping missions in the field: perceptions, practices and
4:00 PM Pascal Menoret: "Graveyard of the Clerics: Suburbanization and the Politics of Dissent in Saudi Arabia"
4:10 PM Writing the Opinion Column: Part 2-Ledes, Billboards, and the Kicker, a Writing Workshop with Diane McWhorter, Shorenstein Ce
6:00 PM The State of the Economy
6:00 PM Middle East Film Series: Fill the Void
6:30 PM Speak Out, Speak Loud: A Spoken Word Night on Navigating Identity at Harvard

Friday, February 14, 2014

9:30 AM Using Zotero on Your iPad
11:45 AM CID Speaker Series: Role of Development Banks in Development
1:30 PM Transitional Justice Study Group, Session 2: "Peacekeeping and Transitional Justice" with Rob Wilkinson.
2:10 PM Community Supported Filmmaking: From Afghanistan to Boston's Immigrant Community, a Digital Communications Workshop with Mich
4:00 PM One for You, One for Me: The Story of Two Degrees Food Bars and a For-Profit Social Enterprise

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