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Monday, November 4, 2013

Be a Media Influencer, Public Speaking Workshop with Terri Trespicio, VP, Business and Talent Development at 2 Market Media

BE A MEDIA INFLUENCER Learn how to brand, build, & broadcast your opinion and ideas across media platforms—and make a name for yourself in the process Presented by Terri Trespicio
VP, Business & Talent Development, 2 Market Media No matter what you want to be, do, create, sell, or be, there’s one way to make it happen faster and more powerfully than any other way: Build your media brand. It doesn’t matter what you do, or your specific area of expertise. If you’re an expert, you have more than just experience and knowledge; you have an opinion. And that opinion, delivered clearly and powerfully, will set you apart from everyone else. Being media “savvy” or having a Twitter account alone is not enough. You have to think bigger. Act bigger. Be bigger. WHAT WE DOWe work with talent at all levels to identify, cultivate, and scale their expertise and personality into brands that gets attention. In short, we don’t train people to answer questions. We teach them to lead the conversation. In this 75-minute workshop, we’ll teach you to build your personal brand and business, including how to:? Find your big idea
? Transform your idea into a powerful media brand
? Build that brand across media platforms
? Command attention, and leave an unforgettable impression
? Connect with your audience
? Go from an under-the-radar expert to a media personality Host, write, speak, inspire, connect, and influence—by being you, only bigger.

  • Location:
    Littauer Building, Room 332
  • Date:
    Monday, November 4, 2013
  • Time:
    11:40 AM

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