Amid Floodwaters Calgary Mayor and HKS Alumnus Comes Through For His City

June 27, 2013
By Jenny Li Fowler

Naheed Nenshi MPP 1998, Calgary’s first-term mayor, has won public praise for his handling of the city’s recent flooding disaster. Two rivers in the city reached record heights due to torrential mountain rain, causing the worst flooding the province of Alberta has ever seen. Many neighborhoods and most of downtown Calgary were evacuated. Rescue workers used heavy construction equipment to help people out of flooded homes and businesses. Many homes may have to be condemned.

Nenshi’s leadership never wavered. He delivered the most up-to-date information with numerous press briefings and the use of social media. He surveyed damage, visited communities and stayed positive.

Because Nenshi worked non-stop for countless hours, sympathetic supporters started a Twitter hashtag #nap4nenshi, with tips on taking a nap, because the mayor looked just so tired. Nenshi did eventually get a nap. But not before doing all he felt he could do for the city and the citizens he represents.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Deserves Praise for His Leadership During the Flood Crisis
Calgary Sun — We would like to take this space today to commend Mayor Naheed Nenshi for his amazing leadership under the most trying of circumstances.

He has been a beacon of strength, support and optimism as Calgary battles the affects of the single-biggest disaster to hit our city.
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