HKS Graduates Recognized as Young Leaders on Foreign Policy

September 17, 2012
By Jenny Li Fowler

Five Harvard Kennedy School alumnae are being recognized as young movers and shakers in the world of international affairs.
Taufiq Rahim MPP 2008, Sabrina Roshan MPP 2010, Molly Kinder MPP 2008, Candace (Chin) Yu MPP 2008 and Eric Maltzer MPP 2007 were all included on the list of the "Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders" by Diplomatic Courier magazine
The "99 Under 33" project was launched in 2011 with the intent of capturing the impact of 99 leaders under the age of 33.
"This list is broad and diverse, encompassing attorneys, financiers, technologists, journalists, bankers, activists, and scientists—as well as diplomats, soldiers, and other government officials," according to the magazine. "This reflects our belief that foreign policy in the 21st century is made by leaders from all sectors."
Taufiq Rahim is a political analyst based in Dubai and the director of Globesight, which advises international and non-profit organizations in the Middle East & North Africa on strategy.
“While I am grateful to be recognized on this list, I have to say that I am consistently amazed by my fellow classmates, many of whom remain unrecognized, who barely four years after graduating, are making remarkable contributions in so many geographies around the world,” said Rahim.
Sabrina Roshan works in the World Bank’s Africa Region Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit, where she focuses on gender disaggregated impact evaluations, portfolio management, and related economic and sector work.
“I am also keenly aware that there are countless others, both in my cohort of HKS alums and elsewhere, who are doing just as much if not more to ‘change the world,’ who I share this recognition with,” said Roshan.
Eric Maltzer is a Foreign Affairs Officer in the State Department's climate change office.
“It's a huge honor to be recognized on a list like this one, but it's also humbling; there are young authors and CEOs and disruptive innovators out there who are making an impact on their own terms, and I can't help but be in awe of them,” said Maltzer.
Candace Yu builds strategic alliances among diverse stakeholders to advance foreign policy. As an Obama Administration appointee at the Department of Defense, Yu has advised on technology issues – primarily cybersecurity and internet governance.

"I am humbled to receive recognition for my work - for doing what I enjoy - and believe it's a broader reflection on the incredible teams that I've worked with and mentors who advised me early in my career," said Yu.
Molly Kinder serves as ONE International's Director for Agriculture and European policy.
The “Top 99 Under 33 Leaders” will be profiled in the fall print and online editions of the Diplomatic Courier, on the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and in a series of events throughout the year.

Taufiq Rahim

Taufiq Rahim MPP 2008, director of Globesight

“While I am grateful to be recognized on this list, I have to say that I am consistently amazed by my fellow classmates, many of whom remain unrecognized," said Rahim.

Sabrina Roshan MPP 2010

Sabrina Roshan MPP 2010, World Bank Africa Region Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit


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