New Faculty Feature: Lecturer in Public Policy Dana Born

July 26, 2013

Several new faculty members across a wide range of policy areas are joining Harvard Kennedy School this fall. We take this opportunity to introduce them to the HKS community.
Dana H. Born, lecturer in public policy, is a retired brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force. Prior to coming to Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), she served two terms from 2004-2013, as the president appointed dean of the faculty for the U.S. Air Force Academy where she was also a professor and head of the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department.
Q:What brought you to the Kennedy School?
Born:After a 30-year career of service in the United States Air Force, the mission and people of Harvard Kennedy School attracted me to the Kennedy School community as a way to continue to serve with other committed professionals who share a passion of contributing to make the world a better place.
Q:What are your primary areas of research?
Born:My primary research interest is in the link between cognition (efficacy) and performance at multiple levels of analysis. In sum, I am most interested in the science and practice of developing people, teams, organizations, and societies to be "better" (more effective). While I have had more "practioner" experience, my interests also include:

  • Learning-Leadership and character development/assessment.
  • Organizational-group/team functioning theory.
  • Multi/Cross-level issues related to efficacy, attributions, goal orientation and performance.
  • Research supporting military selection and classification policy and practice.
  • Application of social network analysis to answer human resources research questions.
  • Differential effects of the survey guided feedback: organizational assessment and development.
  • Bottom-up feedback and performance appraisals.

Q:What courses will you be teaching?

Born:I will be teaching MLD-101D: Strategy, Structure, & Leadership fall semester 2013 and anticipate getting involved in the many executive education programs offered by HKS and supporting the Center for Public Leadership.
Q:How can the work being done here at HKS help address some of the world’s most significant public policy challenges?
Born:I see HKS as the center of excellence for people to ask what they can do to make the world a better place, and to prepare themselves as lifelong learners and leaders of character for action to make a positive difference. I am convinced the work being done at HKS does this well and can do this even better with our talented administration, faculty, staff, fellows and students. As Winston Churchill said, "We make a living out of what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Q:What are you currently reading?
Born:I am currently reading a recent publication from the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy of the National Defense University entitled, “Leading at the Strategic Level in an Uncertain World,” by James W. Browning.

Dana H. Born, lecturer in public Policy

Dana Born, lecturer in public policy

"I see HKS as the center of excellence," said Born.


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