Mid-Career/MPA Students’ Arrival Marks the Beginning of New Academic Year

August 6, 2013

The hallways are buzzing again at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Although the vast majority of Degree Program students will not return to campus until late August, all 211 of the Class of 2014 Mid-Career/Master in Public Administration(MC/MPA) students have arrived with the intent of refreshing their academic tool kit prior to the Fall semester.
The one-year MC/MPA is an intensive eight credit program designed to increase the knowledge and skills of well established, high-performing professionals, who seek to enhance their public service careers or to move from the private sector to a leadership position in either the public or non-profit sectors. The mid-career students begin with a one-month summer program, which kicked off in mid-July.
“Because they only spend one year at HKS, the Summer Program is designed to give them a ‘jump start’ on getting ready for the academic year curriculum,” says Amy Davies, director of MPA Programs. "It gives them an opportunity to “clean the ‘rust’ off their quantitative and economic skills, delve into HKS teaching methodology and explore new avenues of thinking.”
This year’s MC/MPA class is comprised of 211 mid-career professionals from 68 countries including Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Honduras, Kosovo, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and Vanuatu.

The class of 2014 includes a political leader from Ethiopia, a member of the Ministry of Finance from Liberia, a environmental scientist from Fiji, a media correspondent from China and an F-16 fighter pilot from the U.S.

“I am impressed with the depth and breadth of experience in this group of students,” says Davies. “It’s always a pleasure and privilege to get to know them, and a bit humbling to think about the multiplier effect we know they’ll have on solving the world’s most pressing problems in the years to come.”

JKF Jr. Forum stairs

JFK Jr. Forum stairs
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

“I am impressed with the depth and breadth of experience in this group of students,” says Amy Davies, director of MPA Programs.


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