New Faculty Feature: Adjunct Lecturer Siddharth Kara

July 26, 2013

Siddharth Kara is one of the world's foremost experts on contemporary slavery. Kara is best known for his award-winning book, "Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery," the first of three books he is writing on the subjects of human trafficking and contemporary slavery. In addition to his books, Kara is also the author of several academic and law journal articles.

Q: What brought you to the Kennedy School?

Kara: I started as the first Fellow on Human Trafficking at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School in 2009 to help build more robust educational and research efforts on this vital human rights issue.

Beginning in 2011, I started teaching our first module on human trafficking at HKS. That module has expanded to a full semester course starting in spring, 2014; hence my role too has expanded from fellow to adjunct lecturer.

Q: What are your primary areas of research?

Kara: My primary areas of research are human trafficking and modern slavery, including child labor, forced labor, debt bondage, and organ trafficking. I have been conducting field research on these issues and gathering extensive first-hand data on victims and their exploiters since the summer of 2000.

Q: What courses will you be teaching?

Kara: I will be teaching IGA-351, the only course on human trafficking and modern slavery at HKS.

Q: How can the work being done here at HKS help address some of the world’s most significant public policy challenges?

Kara: Research and policy initiatives at HKS, both among faculty and students, have a tremendous potential to effect tangible change on some of the world's most important public policy challenges.

The power of HKS, its influence, and the caliber of the minds who walk through its halls are quite unparalleled among policy schools. For my part, I hope to continue providing a growing foundation of research and education on the issue of human trafficking for years to come. Some of my former students have already gone on to make important contributions on these issues in several countries around the world.

Q: What are you currently reading?

Kara: A draft of my new research report, which will be the single largest first-hand study of modern slavery yet conducted. Look for it in the fall of 2013!

"The power of HKS, its influence, and the caliber of the minds who walk through its halls are quite unparalleled among policy schools," said Kara.

Siddharth Kara, adjunct lecturer in public policy


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