You Are Here: HKS Students and Alumni Are Engaged Around the Globe

August 26, 2014
by Molly Lanzarotta

Who: Sebastián Parot MBA/MPP 2016
Where: I am here in Chuquicamata, Chile.
What: "In January, 2014, a group of joint degree HBS-HKS students did a trek to Chile. In meetings with political and business leaders we engaged in discussions about the challenges and opportunities for Chile and the region to reach real human development. I am sure that strengthening relationships among future leaders and getting to know the different cultures of our countries, we will be able to drive disrupting innovation in private and public arenas to collaborate on solving the main challenges, and lead change in our societies. We all left Chile with a sense of commitment and eager to foster growth on developing countries.

"In the picture we are visiting the biggest open pit on the worldwide copper industry, an iconic place for Chileans."

You are here: By being engaged in the HKS endeavor, you are here with Sebastián, sharing his culture with fellow students.

Who: Juana Hernandez MPP 2015
Where: I am here in Stockton, CA.
What: "Led by Alicia Olivarez MPP 2015 and myself, under the supervision of Marshall Ganz, the 2014 Leadership Service Seminar 'Race, Place, and Equity in Context: the California Central Valley' brought together 12 students from across HKS degree programs to examine the policy challenges facing low-income rural communities in the California central valley this summer. Our study group explored the region's historical and contemporary demographics, and examined such social policy areas as education, health, and immigration from a racial equity framework. This field experience enabled us to learn how various groups are defining policy problems and working to create viable solutions that promote the growth and sustainability of the region.

"This photo shows our group outside of Stockton City Hall after a private meeting with Councilman Michael Tubbs, one of the youngest elected officials in the nation."

You are here: Through your involvement in the HKS community, you are here with Juana and other HKS students, making connections through experiential learning.

Who: Luiz Felipe d'Avila MC/MPA 2007
Where: I am here in São Paulo, Brazil.
What: “I am the Diretor-Presidente of the Center of Public Leadership in São Paulo. CLP is an NGO focused on developing public leaders committed to promoting transformational change in politics and improving the quality of public management in government. Since 2008, we have worked with more than 1200 public leaders, 40 cities and 7 state governments throughout Brazil. In August, we will be launching an MPA program, which includes a one week program at HKS in 2015.”

You are here: By being part of the HKS community, you are here in São Paulo with Felipe, improving public governance.

Put yourself in the picture as HKS maps the way to a better world. Print the You Are Here sign and take a photo or video of yourself in a setting that conveys the work you are doing now. Email it to: with your name, your connection to HKS, and location, and share it yourself using #youarehere #hks.

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