Research Computing Services

Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) 


Research Computing Environment (RCE)

The IQSS Research Computing Environment (RCE) offers a centralized place for researchers to store their data and run analyses independently or with collaborators. It also supplies a persistent desktop environment that is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. The RCE is free of charge up to 10 GB of data storage, and beyond that the cost is $6/GB/year. The RCE provides a large set of statistical packages commonly use in quantitative social science research, such as R, Gauss, Mathematica, Matlab, Octave, SAS, Stata, and SPSS. The analysis jobs are sent to a cluster of approximately 300 processors with available RAM varying from 2 GB to 16 GB per job. HKS affiliates have access to additional set of servers restricted for just their usage, making the wait time for servers even shorter.

The system is available by email application only. Those interested in opening new accounts should send an email request to Matthew Alper. In addition to their own account, each faculty member is entitled to have up to two RA accounts. Ph.D. students must request new accounts through their faculty advisor, via e-mail to Matthew Alper. Requests for new accounts are filled within 48 hours, and faculty are notified of accounts by e-mail.

Once new accounts are established, all technical questions should be addressed to: For more information, visit the HMDC website or contact


Dataverse Network® (DVN)

The Dataverse Network®  (DVN) is a web-based application used to archive, store, preserve, cite, and facilitate access to and analysis of data sets.  It is available free of charge to any researcher within or outside of Harvard.  Researchers can create their own individual site (a "dataverse") to post and share his/her data.  Each dataverse can be branded as the researcher's personal website, and provides a large set of features to catalog, organize, restrict, or comment on data sets of any type and in any format.  Quantitative social science data sets (such as tabular Stata and SPSS files, or Network data files) offer additional value to users, including: 1) a Universal Numerical Fingerprint to validate that the file contents have not changed; 2) the ability to download an entire file or a subset of the variables, in multiple statistical formats; and 3) access to a large set of statistical models to pre-analyze the data file before downloading it.  For more information, see The Dataverse Network Project website or contact

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