From shaping overall strategic direction to managing day-to-day operations, Harvard Kennedy School leadership and administration support the school's mission of improving public policy and public leadership around the world.

Offices of the Deans  HKS senior administrative officers include the Dean, who sets the school's broad course, the Academic Deans, who develop and execute the school's academic, teaching and curriculum functions, and the Executive Dean, who oversees critical school operations.

Human Resources  This department manages the important functions of employee recruitment, hiring, development and support. Responsibilities also include employee communications, and workplace processes and procedures.

Information Technology  This department is responsible for the design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of all information technology resources at HKS.

Office of Facilities Management  The mission of this department is to provide a well-maintained, safe and secure physical plant conducive to the successful execution of the school's educational, research and administrative operations.