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Harvard Kennedy School launched SLATE (Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence) in the fall of 2007 to reaffirm its commitment to top performance in professional education, ensuring that HKS faculty match their intellectual distinction with a mastery of classroom skills.

SLATE offers professional development, consultation services, and a growing toolkit of tested materials to ensure that all participants in the HKS enterprise can make the most of every precious opportunity to learn.

Active Learning at HKS
No other professional school of public policy has mounted a comparably ambitious effort to promote pedagogical excellence.

Our Mission

SLATE’s mission has three aspects, each led by a faculty co-chair:

  • Preparing and distributing curricular materials such as classic cases, teaching plans, multimedia cases, cross-disciplinary exercises, and simulations
  • Developing, disseminating, and recognizing teaching capacities required for excellence in professional-school education
  • Forging assessment tools that will help faculty gauge student learning

SLATE is committed to supporting Harvard Kennedy School's role as a global leader in public policy education by sharing its work with the larger academic community. In support of this goal, we have made a collection of guides, tip sheets and other teaching resources available for the public to browse and download.

Curriculum and Innovation

SLATE is proud to share the innovative curricular materials and pedagogical practices being developed at HKS. We invite faculty across the globe to browse the HKS Case Collection and the Research and Innovation section of our website to learn more.

HKS Case Program
Tap into the world's largest case collection designed to train public leaders
Research and Innovation Gallery
Discover projects that advance teaching and learning at HKS

For More Information

Karen Carroll Bennett
Senior Director, SLATE

Erin Baumann
Associate Director, Professional Pedagogy