SLATE Faculty Committee

John D. Donahue
Raymond Vernon Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
SLATE Faculty Liaison for Curricular Materials 
617-496-1323 / Email

Teddy Svoronos
Lecturer in Public Policy
SLATE Faculty Liaison for Pedagogy and Digital Learning
617-495-7587 / Email

Richard Light
Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Professor of Teaching and Learning, HGSE
SLATE Faculty Liaison for Assessment Tools 
617-495-1183 / Email


Anjani Datla
Director of SLATE
617-496-8735 / Email

Pedagogy Staff

Erin Baumann
Senior Associate Director of Professional Pedagogy
617-495-1289 / Email

Case Writing and Video Production Staff

Bethany Romano
Associate Director, Case Program and Senior Content Developer
617-495-8762 / Email

Pam Varley
Senior Case Writer
617-495-0590 / Email

Patricia Garcia-Rios
Senior Producer for Multimedia Learning
617-496-1976 / Email

Operations Staff

Heather Adelman
Assistant Director
617-495-8463 / Email

Digital Learning Design Staff

Maria Flanagan
Senior Associate Director of Digital Learning Design
617-495-0799 / Email

Lori Rogers-Stokes
Digital Learning Designer

Innovations and Scale Staff

Mae Klinger
Associate Director of  Teaching and Learning Innovation
617-495-4725 / Email

Ashley Davis
Senior Technology Coordinator
617-495-0879 / Email