Harvard Kennedy School’s mission is to improve public policy and public leadership across the United States and around the world so that people can lead safer, freer, and more prosperous lives. By combining cutting-edge research, the teaching of outstanding students, and direct interaction with high-level practitioners, we have an impact on solving public problems that no other institution can match.


At Harvard Kennedy School, ideas meet practice. Our faculty of prominent scholars and leading practitioners from around the globe combine exceptional teaching and groundbreaking research with hands-on public policy experience. We currently have more than 250 faculty including tenured and emeritus professors, assistant and associate professors, lecturers, and adjunct faculty members.


Roughly 1,100 full-time students are enrolled in our master's degree and doctoral programs. They come from all over the world, joining the Kennedy School at various stages of their academic and professional careers.

Executive Education

We have delivered executive education programs for more than 40 years to more than 50,000 participants. Today, more than 4,000 professionals across all sectors and from more than 150 countries participate annually in our suite of executive education programs.


Our leadership team includes Dean Douglas Elmendorf, who sets the School's broad strategic direction; the academic deans, Iris Bohnet and Suzanne Cooper, who develop and execute the School's academic, teaching, and curriculum functions; and the executive dean, Janney Wilson, who oversees critical School operations.


Our campus is located in Harvard Square, along the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dedicated in 1978, the campus was expanded in 2018 to include an additional 91,000 square feet. Six new classrooms, a new student lounge, and 15 new team rooms are among the new spaces, all of which were made possible through generous philanthropy. With these additional and improved spaces for teaching and study, the Kennedy School now has a physical environment that supports greater collaboration and active learning.


Harvard Kennedy School has more than 63,000 alumni worldwide, including degree program graduates and participants of our executive education courses. Our alumni remain connected to HKS through their participation in nearly 30 regional alumni networks and shared interest groups.