Our Vision

To fulfill Harvard Kennedy School’s values and to achieve excellence in our mission of improving public policy and leadership:

  • We foster a diverse and welcoming school community where everyone can thrive.
  • We oppose racism and other systemic injustices, working to build an HKS and a world with respect and dignity for all.
  • We—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—work together to make strategic and fundamental changes to support diversity, equity, and anti-racism.

Our Strategy

Over the past few years, HKS’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni developed a multi-pronged strategy to foster a more diverse and inclusive HKS community.

Action Areas

HKS’s diversity, equity, and anti-racism work targets five action areas: culture and training, community, teaching, research, and outreach.

Resources and Data

Explore HKS’s diversity, equity, and anti-racism resources and data that measures our progress and informs our work going forward.


Explore how HKS is building a more diverse and welcoming community.


Banner image from a mural on campus by Sylvia Lopez Chavez, commissioned for the Art at HKS program.