The Culture Ambassadors program is a staff-focused initiative at Harvard Kennedy School that aims to create sustainable impact and change around diversity, inclusion, and belonging at HKS.

This “train-the-trainers” program is building an inclusive culture by developing the facilitation and leadership capacity of staff to advance anti-racism in their centers, departments, and beyond.   

The Culture Ambassadors consist of staff representatives from every center or department who embrace HKS values and try to live them out in their daily work and interactions. In addition, they work with peers in the Culture Ambassadors Program, serve as liaisons in their department, and partner with the Culture Ambassador steering committee to recommend training and resources for the broader HKS community.  

Culture Ambassador Project Team 

  • Jen Goodman, Human Resources Director 
  • Anisha Asundi,  Director of Research and Programs, Women and Public Policy Program 
  • Christina Sirois, Executive Director for Library and Research Services 

Jessenia Alvarez, Academic Dean's Office & SLATE (ADO)
Jessica Munoz-Sainz and Brian Kolz, Alumni Relations & Resource Development (ARRD)
Alison Pasquariello and LaChaun Banks, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Tanya Dall, Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University
TBD, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, ISP (BCSIA)
Alan Lopez, Campus Planning and Operations (CPO)
Rachel Harris, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Victoria Barnum, Center for International Development (CID)
Aung Moe, Center for Public Leadership (CPL)
Jacob Beizer, Communications and Public Affairs (OCPA)
Glenn Cunningham, Deni Cifuentes, Leigh McLaren, Tyl Pattisall, Degree Programs (DPSA)
Laura Simolaris, Ayana Meyers, Ray Windsor, Executive Education
Charlie Porter, Faculty Assistant Group
Beverly Teixeria, Human Resources
Peter Thornton and Dana Marcus, Information Technology
TBD, Institute of Politics (IOP)
Nicole Dillon and Lauren Faz, Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy
Alessandra Seiter, Library and Research Services
Claire Byrne, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government (M-RCBG)
Ellen Kassaraba, Office of Financial Services (OFS)
Ryan Pell, Research Administration (RAO)
TBD, Taubman Center for State and Local Government
Heather McKinnon, Wiener Center for Social Policy

Download our Zine!

As part of our work to advance our collective knowledge on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Culture Ambassadors is excited to share our first zine. Rooted in social justice activism and community organizing, zines (pronounced 'zeens') are not scholarly publications, but often reflect lived experiences, reflections, and life stories. We welcome you to download and explore our zine which features written pieces, artwork, and poems created by the Culture Ambassadors.

Learning Objectives

The role of the Culture Ambassadors is to engage the HKS community on education and conversations around diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB). The overall goal is to allow for courageous and empowering conversations to take place and progress the Kennedy School toward a culture of greater inclusivity, institutional awareness, and understanding.

The steering committee has created three learning objectives that will better focus this program and its curriculum: community building, facilitation, and DIB skill training.

Community building  

  • Create a network of cultural ambassadors who can engage with diversity, inclusion, and belonging concepts as a group on a long-term basis 
  • Discuss challenges and successes on advancing DIB with colleagues
  • Share resources and initiatives they have used at their centers to advance DIB  

Facilitation (Train-the-trainers)

  • Develop leadership and facilitation capacity of Culture Ambassadors    
  • Build skills on having difficult conversations on DIB    
  • Share methods and training as usable tools for culture ambassadors    

DIB Skill Building    

  • Examine and reflect on the impact of oppressive structures within individuals, systems, institutions, and communities  
  • Identify and understand the actions we can take as individuals, departments, and an institution to advance diversity and equity at HKS   

Toolkit & Resources

The Culture Ambassador program has compiled resources to aid anyone at Harvard and beyond engaging in community-building efforts on education and conversations around diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB).


This toolkit provides the content, background, and history of systems of inequality, including anti-racism and racial justice, so that Culture Ambassadors and others may effectively facilitate conversations. The toolkit includes readings, activities, facilitation guides, videos, and other relevant resources. It may be used by individuals or teams to assess their own knowledge, attitudes, procedures, and practices.

Download a PDF of the toolkit


In addition to the toolkit, the Culture Ambassador program has curated a series of free facilitation guides and other resources to help build cultures focused on diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Heritage and Awareness Months Activity Ideas (PDF)
Culture Ambassadors Community Agreements (PDF)