SLATE works with Harvard Kennedy School faculty to develop original curricular materials including cases, video, multimedia cases, simulations, issue briefs, concept notes, etc. Our team includes learning designers, professional case writers, and a video producer, all of whom are skilled at crafting high-quality active learning materials that foster critical thinking in the classroom.

We provide end-to-end service, from initial concept to original research, writing and editing services, quote clearance, teaching plans, and even dry runs for new materials.

Featured Cases

Rise in China
Arne Westad
Arne Westad

This two-part case (presented in one document) is designed to help students: analyze and understand how China became a regional and global power - economically, diplomatically, and militarily; examine contemporary Chinese leaders' conceptions of China's national purpose and consider how these conceptions shape or influence China's role in its region and in the world.

Negotiating Toward the Paris Accords
Robert Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson

Developed for negotiation classes, this case takes the perspective of a respected, but not especially powerful, mid-level person—one without even a seat at the bargaining table—as she tries to find an effective way to advocate for her position amid a vast and complex international negotiation. It shows her creativity and strategic thinking as she worked within her own organization, with other NGOs, and with the national forest negotiators and delegates.

Colombia's Peace Negotiations: Finding Common Ground After 50 Years of Armed Conflict
Kessely Hong
Kessely Hong

This case allows students to learn from first-hand accounts about the delicate balance involved in managing both external and internal negotiations in highly partisan, contentious negotiations. By taking an in-depth look at the Colombia peace negotiations, students can identify some of the innovative approaches that were used in terms of process design and discuss whether they would be applicable more broadly. 

Harvard Kennedy School cases are used in 1,000+ institutions by individuals from 114 countries.

All of our custom curricular materials are published and globally distributed through the HKS Case Program, the largest collection of cases and curricular materials geared toward training public leaders.

The 2,000+ documents in the collection include cases, simulations, online modules, issue briefs and concept notes. Most of the recent materials come with a teaching plan.

For more information on using cases or developing custom curricular materials, we invite HKS faculty to visit us on KNet (password required).

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