Chris Avery is the 2016-18 Faculty Fellow in Teaching & Learning.

Chris Avery is the Roy E. Larsen Professor of Public Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Teaching at HKS since 1993: 
    • Microeconomic Theory
    • Markets and Market Failure
    • Advanced Microeconomic Analysis
    • Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods
    • Game Theory and Public Policy
  • Advisor to 40+ doctoral students, 27 PAEs/SYPs
  • Multi-year winner of Dinner on the Dean Award
  • Area Chair of Markets, Business & Government, 2007-14

"Prof. Avery was extremely helpful to me as a mentor particularly in my first two years teaching at HKS. . . I never felt pressure. Rather I felt very comfortable sharing my successes and challenges. It was very useful to hear when something I had experienced was common across faculty and to hear some possible solutions. As a microeconomics theorist . . . he was also very helpful in helping me devise clear, insightful answers to the occasional advanced question that a student posed. . . .

Chris also supported me in figuring out which topics to shift and he provided me with textbooks and examples from recent papers which I could use to augment the examples in my class. Finally, our informal chats also helped me fine tune my pedagogy, and explanations for students and helped me more fully understand the deep history of game theory. . . . Through later years, has continued to be a helpful mentor and colleague. Sometimes we brainstorm about his teaching challenges and sometimes about mine. He is always a useful mix of high standards for what we teach but pragmatic and sympathetic to where the students are coming from."

— HKS Faculty