• Senior Executive Fellows (SEF), HKS Executive Education Program
  • MLD-323: Authentic Leadership Development
Dana Born
Photo courtesy of Center
for Public Leadership

The SEF program targets US federal employees who want to achieve the level of Senior Executive Service. The program lasts 4 weeks and runs 3 times each year, producing nearly 250 alumni annually. When Dana Born became the faculty chair in 2016-17, she identified the critical issues of the program to ensure its growing support from dozens of US government agencies, and integrated new, current, and relevant topics to enhance the education of the next generation of US government senior executives.

Samples of innovation:

  • Using technology to expand impact and engagement by live broadcasting sessions to program alumni (n=3600)
  • Gauging impact by surveying participants on several measures before, immediately after, and six months post-program
  • Integrating new curriculum to enhance the education of the next generation of US government senior executives: diversity & inclusion, religion & politics, gender equity, ethics & decision-making, technology, executive communications, environmental leadership
  • Using applied theatre (Bok Center Players) to deepen participants’ understanding of effective mentoring; 1st time this mode (start/stop/analyze with live actors) has been used at HKS

“In her first year as program chair, Professor Born has embraced several experiments in content, pedagogy, and engagement that go well beyond the classroom. She has also generously shared her learning with other faculty chairs, which we anticipate will begin to spread these innovations more widely through HKS... Her development of an environment where innovative teaching can be tested and critiqued is as important as her personal innovations in the program.” — HKS Nominator

“Professor Born's ... pedagogy is cutting edge for leadership growth and I think is something that will change the world. At prestigious institutions like Harvard, it can feel intimidating to show ‘weakness,’ but her vulnerability sets the tone for deeper connection and reflection in class.” — HKS Nominator