The SLATE Research and Innovation Gallery shares projects that advance teaching and learning at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

HKS students in classroom

The Making Classroom Minutes Count initiative utilizes the flipped classroom design to develop tools and strategies to best take advantage of valuable class time by adding some course content online, allowing students to prepare for class in advance and leaving class time for in-depth discussion.

Flipping the Classroom

HKS released the Flipping Kit website to help faculty create their own flipped learning materials with familiar technologies and tools.

Teaching Awards

Harvard Kennedy School supports several teaching awards that recognize and celebrate the transformative power of faculty members who teach HKS students. 

Teaching and Learning Working Paper Series

The HKS Teaching and Learning Working Paper Series promotes research-based approaches to instructional practice. Faculty authors pose inquiries, experiment and gather data, and reflect on and share their results.


The Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) awarded SLATE a grant in 2013 to support ways of Making Classroom Minutes Count. This gallery showcases some of the projects done with HILT funding. 

HILT provided initial funding for the HKS Working Paper Series on Teaching and Learning through a Spark grant in 2014. 

HILT has underwritten a project titled World in the Classroom/Classroom in the World. The Engaging the World section of this Innovation Gallery offers examples of how HKS is connecting the world with the classroom through technologies such as web and video conferencing.