Hannah Riley Bowles, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, Lecturer in Public Policy
Greg Dorchak, Area Administrator

WHERE: MLD-101: Management, Leadership and Decision-Making


  • Activities to increase student engagement during class: small-group discussions, exercises, presentations, and simulations
  • Activities to increase student engagement outside of class: web postings, pre-class worksheets, online discussion forum
  • New assignment sequence, including peer feedback, with students building final project over the semester
  • Experiments with online tools (Class Charts, Padlet) to capture student contributions in and outside of class


  • Broaden options for course participation beyond in-class comments
  • Increase student motivation to take pre-class preparation seriously, and enhance the quality of in-class student work
  • More effectively scaffold students’ understanding of analytic frameworks and their application to practical problems