WHOQuinton Mayne, Assistant Professor of Public Policy

WHERE: SUP-601: Urban Politics, Planning & Development


  • Five short briefing videos (Introduction, The Place, The History, The Impetus, The Project) on a major railway redevelopment project in Stuttgart, Germany. Prior to class session on “Modes of Participation,” students watch the videos and read the case (“Megaprojects & the Role of the Public: Germany’s Embattled ‘Stuttgart 21’ Rail Project”).
  • “Forms of Power”: a 19-minute animation addressing key concepts related to the study of urban political power. Prior to class session on “Observing Power in Our Cities,” students watch the animation, and reflect on modes of power seen in cases discussed in previous sessions.

Watch an excerpt from Forms of Power. 



  • Increase students’ learning from, and stimulate their engagement with, a written case
  • Increase the number of students actively taking part in substantive, analytic class discussions
  • Devote less class time to lecturing, more to interactive learning
  • Provide students with a lexicon and fundamental analytic tools on political power, forming a conceptual foundation to build on throughout the course