Harvard Kennedy School supports several teaching awards that recognize and celebrate the transformative power of faculty members who teach HKS students.

Explore links to these individual faculty who received the Faculty Fellowship in Teaching & Learning and the Innovations in Teaching Award, and read about our other awards and recipients below.

Chris Avery

Innovations in Teaching Award 2023

Cornell Brooks

Innovations in Teaching Award 2022

Erica Chenoweth standing in front of shelves of books

Innovations in Teaching Award 2021

Matt Andrews in front of a blue background

Innovations in Teaching Award 2021

Marshall Ganz in front of light blue background

Innovations in Teaching Award 2020

Dan Levy

Innovations in Teaching Award 2019

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Innovations in Teaching Award 2018

Theodore Svoronos

Innovations in Teaching Award 2018

Chris Avery

Faculty Fellow in Teaching & Learning 2016-18

Tony Gómez Ibáñez

Faculty Fellow in Teaching & Learning 2015-17

Dana Born

Innovations in Teaching Award 2017

Quinton Mayne

Innovations in Teaching Award 2016

Innovations in Teaching Award


HKS is committed to pedagogical excellence: preparing public leaders to address increasingly complex problems demands exceptional teaching and learning. Showcasing effective pedagogical practices enhances our capacity to learn from and with each other. Accordingly, the Innovations in Teaching Award honors significant new developments in improving student learning at HKS. Such innovations may take a variety of forms, including (but not limited to) uses of instructional technology, approaches to student collaboration, assessment and feedback practices, or strategies for investigating and/or implementing inclusive pedagogies. Recognizing these promising experiments and discoveries will enable a broader dissemination of best practices among HKS faculty.


One to two faculty members (or teaching teams) a year are selected for this award.  Awards are announced in an HKS All-Faculty Meeting.  


Recipients share their innovations with the HKS community (via this SLATE Research & Innovation Gallery, an HKS Teaching Seminar, HKS Teaching Week, the HKS Teaching and Learning Working Paper Series, or other avenues) and beyond. 

Selection Criteria and Process

The Academic Dean’s Office invites nominations from HKS faculty (including self-nominations), Course Assistants and Teaching Fellows, students, and staff.  Nominations may be accompanied by supporting materials, as appropriate, such as new curriculum (on-line modules, cases, simulations, in-class exercises, etc.); samples of student work; results of student learning assessments; faculty peer perspectives; and self-reflection.

Nominations for the 2023-24 award will be accepted through 5pm on Friday, May 3, 2024. To nominate, use this form.

Awards are given based on the following criteria: 1) potential of the innovation for impact on teaching effectiveness and/or student learning and 2) potential of the innovation for use or adaptation in other HKS courses. The selection committee is composed of previous award recipients, members of the SLATE Team, and staff from the Academic Dean’s Office.

Anyone with a primary faculty appointment at HKS (tenured and tenure-track faculty, Professors of the Practice, Lecturers and Senior Lecturers) is eligible to be nominated for this award, with the exception of previous recipients, who are ineligible for three years after winning. 

Questions?  Contact Erin Baumann, Senior Associate Director of Professional Pedagogy

Dinner on the Dean

These modest financial rewards allow a faculty member to have dinner with a companion of his or her choice, with perhaps a bottle of wine thrown in. The award is given to faculty* who teach an HKS course at the HKS campus and receive a 4.45 or higher overall faculty or course score, with 15 or more respondents. Faculty who teach modules, or who jointly teach, win lunch on the Dean.


*Emeritus, Affiliates, non-faculty or faculty whose appointment has ended do not qualify.

The Carballo Award

2024- Dan Levy
2023- Ash Carter (in memoriam) and Robert Wilkinson
2022- Alex Green
2021- Zoe Marks and Rand Wentworth
2020- Megan Ming Francis
2019 - Timothy McCarthy
2018 - Khalil Muhammad and Richard Parker
2017- Jeff Seglin
2016- Steve Jarding
2015- Kessely Hong
2014- Dan Levy and Jeff Seglin
2013- Tom Patterson and Dean Williams
2012- Father Bryan Hehir
2011- Richard Parker
2010- Marie Danziger
2009- Deborah Hughes Hallet and Nolan Miller 
2008- Nancy Katz
2007- Dan Levy and Brian Mandell 
2006- Robert Jensen 
2005- Kenneth Winston 
2004- Lant Pritchett and John White 
2003- Hannah Riley Bowles 
2002- Xavier de Souza Briggs 
2001- Nolan Bowie and Suzanne Cooper 
2000- William Clark 
1999- Richard Darman 
1998- Brian Mandell 
1997- Mickey Edwards 
1996- Malcolm Sparrow 
1995- Kathryn Dominguez 
1994- James R. Hines Jr. 
1993- H. James Brown 
1992- Ron David, MD 
1991- Olivia Golden and Merilee Grindle 
1990- Mark Schlesinger 
1989- Marc Lindenburg 
1988- Roger Porter 
1987- David Kuechle and Edith Stokey
1986- Helen Ladd 
1985- Mary O'Keefe
1984- Jose Gomez-Ibanez 


This annual award to a member of the Kennedy School faculty honors the late Manuel Carballo, a Lecturer in Public Policy who served as Commissioner of major agencies in three different states, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Nominations are submitted by the graduating class and the winner is selected by the class marshals based upon those nominations. The award recognizes the faculty member's dedication to students, excellence in the professional field, and commitment to public service.


2024 Recipients:

David Dam, Course Assistant API-202MA/API-203MA and DPI-678M
Jacob Jameson, Teaching Fellow API-303
Nolan Kavanagh, Teaching Fellow API-202M/API-203M
Nicolás Parra-Herrera, Teaching Fellow DPI-208

2023 Recipients:

Gabriella Aboulafia, Course Assistant API-201
Arsen Fazlovic, Course Assistant IGA-505
Bethany Kirkpatrick Wood, Course Assistant API-501C
Moira Moynihan, Teaching Fellow MLD-304
Abdurrehman Naveed, Teaching Fellow API-141
Dilrukh Sharipov, Course Assistant MLD-215A

2022 Recipients:

Geraud Bablon, Course Coach MLD-202
Damarcus Bell, Teaching Fellow MLD-375 and DPI-617; Course Assistant DPI-851 and API-202B
Sophie Hill, Teaching Fellow for API-201 and API-202
Benjamin Maluenda, Course Assistant IGA-412
Graeme Peterson, Teaching Fellow for SUP-500
Maddie Ulanow, Teaching Fellow, DPI-227

2021 Recipients:

Jessica Kaushal, Teaching Fellow for MLD-411M
Mary McMahon, Course Assistant for API-201A/B/C/E
Can Soylu, Teaching Fellow for API-119 and API-120
Nicholas Sung, Course Assistant for IGA-270M and IGA-285M
Latica Tomasic Kickert, Course Coach for MLD-202A

2020 Recipients: 

Kevin Bain, Teaching Fellow for API-148
Sam Stemper, Teaching Fellow for API-201ACD and API-102A
Sujoy Bhattacharyya, Course Assistant for API-202Z
Shiro Kuriwaki, Teaching Fellow API-202Z, API-209 and API-210
Caitlin McMurtry, Teaching Fellow API-201ACD

2019 Recipients: 

Jennifer Hegarty, Teaching Fellow for API-205
Thomas Moatti, Teaching Fellow for API-120;Course Assistant for API-119
Denis Sop, Course Assistant for MLD-500A and MLD-501MA
Erin St. Peter, Teaching Fellow for API-302; Course Assistant for BGP-264
Teuta Turani, Course Assistant for API-141 and API-202Z
2018 Recipients: 
Mitchell Watt, Teaching Fellow for API-101, API-102 and API-303
Diana Goldemberg, Teaching Fellow for API-109
James Brandt, Teaching Fellow for DPI-201
Howard Cohen, Course Assistant for MLD-831
Asset Abdualiyev, Course Assistant for DPI-330A

2017 Recipients: 

Pamela Ban, Teaching Fellow for API-201Z and API-202Z 
Michael Biemann, Teaching Fellow for API-141
Caitlin Carroll, Teaching Fellow for API-111
Diana Goldemberg, Teaching Fellow for API-109
Katharina Mertz, Teaching Fellow for API-102Z and API-302
Felix Owusu, Teaching Fellow for API-101C 

See the full list of recipients 1996-2016.

Students and faculty at HKS rely heavily on Course Assistants (CAs), Teaching Fellows (TFs), and Course Coaches (CCs). In recognition of this, the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Student Teaching is presented each year to outstanding CAs, TFs, and CCs. Winners are nominated and selected by the student body.

Most Influential Course Award

2013 Winning Courses: PAL-101 (MLD-201), PAL-164 (MLD-364), STM-221 (MLD-221)
2012 Winning Courses: PAL-101 (MLD-201), PAL-154M
2011 Winning Courses: PAL-101 (MLD-201), STM-221 (MLD-221), API-120
2010 Winning Courses: PAL-101 (MLD-201), STM-221 (MLD-221), PAL-117 (MLD-717)
2009 Winning Courses: PAL-101, STM-221, API-302
2008 Winning Course: PAL-101

From 2008-2013, a teaching award for the most influential course was offered by the SLATE Initiative. This award was based on nominations submitted by 5-year alumni and aimed  to recognize the course viewed by alumni as having the most influence on their post-Kennedy School career.

Faculty Fellowship in Teaching & Learning

Suspended due to COVID

2016-18: Chris Avery

2015-17: Tony Gómez-Ibáñez


The Faculty Fellowship in Teaching & Learning recognizes excellence in mentoring and collaboration in teaching at HKS; new course design or revitalization; development of new teaching materials; and other forms of leadership in supporting the HKS teaching community. The award redeploys a portion of time of Fellows to work with faculty peers to enhance our understanding and practice of effective teaching and learning at HKS. By honoring these collegial contributions, we hope to inspire other HKS faculty, and deepen the School’s commitment to instructional excellence.


One Fellow is appointed per year to serve for two academic years, with a steady state of two Fellows serving at any given time. Fellows receive 15 points per academic year of service.


Fellows play vital leadership roles, including possibilities such as SLATE Advisory Board members; teaching mentors to HKS faculty colleagues; presenters at HKS teaching events; investigators in experiments on student learning and author of disseminated results; advocates for teaching and learning on school- or university-level projects or committees. A Fellow’s specific roles and responsibilities are developed in consultation with the leadership of SLATE and the Academic Dean’s Office, to draw on the Fellow’s particular strengths, expertise, and interests, and to address strategic needs and priorities for the School.

Selection Process and Criteria

All faculty with continuing appointments and instructional responsibilities (tenured and tenure-track faculty, Professors of the Practice, Lecturers and Senior Lecturers) at HKS are eligible for this award.

Fellows are selected based on the following criteria: 1) demonstrated excellence in teaching at HKS; 2) strong desire and ability to influence other HKS faculty / respected by HKS peers; 3) quantity and quality of nominations (e.g., the depth and extensiveness of mentoring, how and why he or she has made a difference, specific ways mentee has been able to be more effective because of mentoring, etc.); and 4) expertise in identified emphasis areas.

HKS faculty are encouraged to nominate colleagues who have had significant positive influence on their teaching. The Fellowship selection committee is composed of current / former Fellows, members of the SLATE Team, and the Academic Dean’s Office. Fellows will be announced at an HKS All-Faculty Meeting.

Questions? Contact Karen Carroll Bennet, Director of SLATE.