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As part of our mission to develop and support teaching capacities at Harvard Kennedy School, SLATE has developed a collection of strategies and resources designed to help instructors move from the early planning phases of their courses through to final assessment and reflection after the course is finished.

While these materials have been designed and curated primarily with HKS instructors in mind, it is our hope that educators at all levels and institutions will find valuable insights on these pages.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Teaching Remotely 

SLATE is maintaining a live Teaching Continuity Resource to serve the ongoing needs of our teaching community as we transition to remote teaching. This resource is a complement to the Educational Technology teaching remotely KNET site. SLATE is also hosting a Remote Teaching Faculty Exchange site in Canvas. This invite-only site is intended to be a space for HKS faculty to share questions and ideas and to learn from one another as we make the transition to teaching online. If you have any questions about these resources or if you would like to have a confidential teaching consultation with a member SLATE's staff, please contact Erin Baumann, Associate Director of Professional Pedagogy.