SLATE supports teaching innovation for active learning through digital pedagogy and digital curriculum. This includes online and blended teaching and materials, as well as the use of digital learning experiences in more traditional residential contexts. Our digital learning design team offers faculty consultations on request, in addition to design and development work.  

Consultations on Digital Teaching Practices 

Our digital learning designers consult with faculty on digital teaching practices, from flipped or blended teaching to many other innovative instructional strategies enhanced by digital technology. Digital teaching practices include the use of asynchronous learning materials and live online teaching, as well as assessment, active learning, cases, simulations, discussion, and community-building, all in online or blended contexts. 

Design and Development Work 

SLATE collaborates with faculty and their teaching teams to design innovative digital learning experiences, produce instructional materials, and enhance assessments and assignments. These projects are scheduled per semester. 

Strategic Initiatives 

On school-level initiatives, SLATE is periodically engaged to partner on extended digital learning design collaborations, such as course design for the Public Leadership Credential and development of the AY2020 Course Transformation Workshop for online teaching. These projects are scheduled by academic year.