API-201: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods

API-210: Advanced Quantitative Methods II: Econometric Methods

Theodore SvoronosProf. Theodore Svoronos helped lead a successful pilot of Teachly at the Harvard Kennedy School, a learning management software he co-developed. By tracking data on students’ backgrounds, demographics, participation, and attendance, Teachly was able to provide faculty members with up-to-date information on student engagement, allowing instructors to detect potential blind-spots and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. This innovation is particularly important as the Kennedy School, and Harvard more broadly, has started thinking more seriously about diversity and inclusion.

Professor Theodore Svoronos’ work in API 201 and API 210, illustrates his incredibly effective use of technology in the classroom in a way that is different from other teachers. He uses an iPad paired with the projector, and uses a two-screen format that enables him to project student input, draw graphs, and elaborate on the presented content.

Samples of innovation:

Leveraging projectors and tablets for a mobile teaching experience, and inviting students to use the iPad to communicate questions/concepts

Promoting student engagement through novel pedagogy (including blended learning, group work, etc.)

Using learner data to design the most effective teaching sessions, while generating new research on how pedagogical innovation enhances learning

Maintaining a website with similar content to the pre-class modules, that covered varied statistical materials

“[Professor Svoronos] use of these materials made the class more clear, engaging, and interesting. Sometimes technology can detract from class presentation, but this was NEVER the case in API-201. Rather than incorporate technology just for technology's sake, Teddy used innovative methods to make class-time more efficient, interesting, and useful for students” —HKS Nominator

"It takes a lot of work to be as proficient with classroom technology as Prof. Svoronos was. He went out of his way to investigate how technology could be used in his classroom, then put in the work to make it happen."—HKS Nominator