Tony Gómez-Ibáñez is the 2015-17 Faculty Fellow in Teaching & Learning.

Tony Gómez-Ibáñez is the Derek C. Bok Professor of Urban Planning & Public Policy.

  • Teaching at HKS and GSD for over 30 years 
    • Transportation Policy, Planning & Management
    • Markets and Market Failure
    • Policy Analysis
    • Exec. Ed. Program - Infrastructure in a Market Economy
  • Advisor to over 100 PAEs/SYPAs
  • Chair: Social & Urban Policy, Masters in Urban Planning, Masters in Public Policy, GSD Doctoral programs
  • Pioneering use of case method to teach quantitative, technical material at HKS
  • Mentor and facilitator at New Faculty Institute, Case Teaching Seminar, Teaching Week

“He brings an attitude of inquiry and learning. He prepares for every class as if teaching it for the first time. . . He is open to new views and approaches even when they contradict long-standing practices developed over many years of perfecting his craft.  He brings a ‘beginner’s mind’ to the enterprise; his humility is in itself humbling for me as a teacher.” — HKS Faculty

“Tony taught me not to be afraid of silence . . . He often pauses for ten seconds—or twenty, or even more—before answering a student’s question.  He lets the silence last a good  long time after inviting student questions or comments, as well.  This can be hard to do—it’s tempting to say the first thing that comes to mind or call on the first raised hand to banish that awkward silence—but it really pays off.  Watching it work for Tony has given the me the courage to use silence myself.”— HKS Faculty

“He has an incredible ability to teach both rigorously and gently. He pushes and challenges his students while showing deep respect for them in the process. He epitomizes the mantra: ‘it is not what you cover but what your students uncover that matters.’” — HKS Faculty