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Debbie IsaacsonDebbie Isaacson

Debbie Isaacson, the senior associate dean for degree programs and student affairs, serves as a student advocate, adviser, and collaborator to ensure that each student’s academic, social, and personal experience is as rewarding as possible.

Isaacson has been making an impact at HKS as a staff member since 2004 and is known for her strong problem-solving skills and developing creative solutions to students’ concerns. In her time here, she has served as a research specialist in Dean David Ellwood’s office, director of public service, and director of the MPP Program. In 2014, Isaacson was promoted to associate dean for degree programs and student affairs, and since the spring of 2016, has been the Title IX coordinator for students. Before coming to Harvard, Isaacson worked on Capitol Hill as a consultant for Accenture, a nonprofit organization focused on women’s health issues, and in the government relations office of a major professional services firm.

A native of New Jersey, Isaacson received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, a Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, and a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.