Local Designated Resources (LDRs)

Lead LDR
Cailin Burke

For Students
Jimmy Kane

Bobby Croke

For Faculty
Suzanne Cooper

For Fellows
Tim Glynn-Burke

For Staff
Jen Goodman

For Anyone
Robbin Chapman

Pam Cozza

The Harvard Kennedy School aspires to be a place for working and learning in which everyone can thrive.  To help achieve this goal, the University has adopted new policies and procedures to address discrimination and bullying in our community that go into effect on September 1, 2023. These policies went through extensive community review and community comment at every level of the organization, from the deans to approval by the Harvard Corporation. The process followed a nearly yearlong community review period that solicited input from students, faculty, staff, and researchers across the University. More information about the University’s policies can be found on the Community Conduct webpage. Community members who are interested in learning more about these policies, what they cover, and processes for resolving concerns can register for the Harvard Non-Discrimination and Anti-Bullying Policy Training Module (Harvard Key login required) via the Harvard Training Portal. 

These policies apply to all students, faculty, staff, fellows, and other members of the Harvard community across all Schools and units, including Harvard Kennedy School. The newly formed central university Office for Community Conduct, in collaboration with locally designated resources, will continue to gather input, expand training options, provide options, and offer opportunities for community engagement.

The implementation of these new policies is part of an ongoing commitment to foster an environment in which everyone can participate fully in the life of the University and Harvard Kennedy School. Below you will find the names and contact information of “Local Designated Resources” (LDRs), HKS community members with whom you can discuss concerns and obtain information on available resources related to these new policies, as well as a brief overview of possible options for taking action. Please note that speaking to or making a report to an LDR does not in and of itself initiate an investigation or formal complaint.

How can I take action?

Here is a brief overview of options for taking action. We encourage you to speak with a Local Designated Resource (LDR) as a first step.




Get information and discuss a concern Learn what the new policies cover, talk to someone about your concern, discuss options, and get information on resources
  • Contact an LDR.
  • Discuss your concerns (this does not begin a formal complaint or investigation).
Informal Resolution Work out a mutually agreed-upon solution to your concern.
  • Contact LDR.
  • The LDR will discuss possible options with you.
  • In many cases, the LDR will help you develop a plan to address your concern.
  • Informal resolutions that affect both parties are voluntary; the LDR will discuss with both parties (separately at first) if appropriate to develop a mutual resolution.
Supportive Measures Request special temporary arrangements related to your concern such as academic extensions or modifications in work schedule.
  • Contact LDR to discuss your concern and needs.
  • These can be put in place with either informal resolution or a formal complaint.
Formal Complaint Request an official university investigation of alleged policy violation. Complaint must be “accepted” before investigation is undertaken.
  • All formal complaints must be submitted in writing.
  • The LDR will work with the Central Office, and, in some cases, a faculty/senior staff advisory committee, to determine if the complaint is accepted for investigation, or dismissed, based on the facts alleged.
  • If accepted, an impartial investigator will investigate and make findings of fact and a recommendation as to whether the policy has been violated.
  • The findings of fact will go back to HKS for a determination of violation (or not) by a three-person panel.
  • If a violation is found, the School will issue sanctions or take remedial action.

HKS Code of Conduct Violation

See HKS Student Handbook.

Report alleged violation of Student Code of Conduct for behavior not covered by new policies. NOTE: This is OUTSIDE the NDAB System.
  • Contact HKS Disciplinary Officer (Laura Recklet) to report an incident.
  • If applicable, the case will go to the Ad Board, who will review it and recommend or issue sanctions if a violation is found.